New year, New hair, New me?!

So in honor of tomorrow being my second to last first day of undergrad EVER (!!!!!!), I got my hair redone!!!!

Getting my hair done before each semester always makes me feel refreshed and ready for a new start. Which is so healthy to do when being in college. Things get so crazy that it’s nice to dedicate a few hours before the first day of classes to get treated!!

Update on my gray hair situation: MY STYLIST FOUND MORE!!!! I guess I’ll be rocking the natural salt and pepper look soon…. yay.

My salon is Mod Salon off Jefferson in Baton Rouge, La!!


My stylist is Kelsey and I’m literally obsessed with her.


I’ve never been one to go and get my hair done somewhere, but I started going August of last year to Mod Salon and it’s just such a nice environment. You get money off your first visit on purchase of products so I stocked up my last visit.

Go treat yourself and tell them I sent you!!! ❤

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