Styled Elopement Photoshoot: Part 2.

It’s been a long wait, but I’m finally getting around to posting the other half of our elopement photoshoot! I’m not sure if I told you guys this last time, but Taylor and Rachel had us write vows for this photoshoot! SO THOSE TEARS ARE REAL!!! Everything about this experience was so beautiful.

These photos were all done by Rachel Pourchier Photography !! She will be coming with us when we get married in Ireland next year ❤ !! Her website is linked if you’d like to check out her page 🙂 She is so funky and cute. I seriously cannot wait to see the magic she makes in our wedding photos!

Looking at these just makes me even more excited for our wedding.

What a beautiful thing it is to be so in love with your bestfriend. 

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