Styled Elopement Photoshoot: Part 1.

Hi! ❤

How is everyone doing during this fine “still quarantined” summer break? I just started my summer class, so I’m coping with vegan drinks and the pool. Austin and I did a super beautiful, funky elopement photoshoot with Taylor and Rachel (our amazing wedding photographers), and I wanted to share the entirity of BOTH albums we received with YOU GUYS! Also…. can we talk about how DREAMY my fiance looks in these? I’m swooning over and over. I’m a lucky girl. ❤

This part 1 will be dedicated to Taylor Tesvich, who as you have seen previously, is my entire heart and soul. She goes above and beyond to make sure Austin and I have beautiful memories captured to hold onto. This photoshoot was a dream of hers, and I’m so thankful she let Austin and me model for it! ❤ I’m attaching the album below.

Make sure to check out her website, and I recommend booking with her for any kind of photos you need done!!! –>

“Images that feel like poetry” – Taylor Tesvich

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