Mystic Falls Travel Diary.

I finally went to Mystic Falls!!!! (but it isn’t in Virginia)

Austin surprised me with a little trip to my favorite place in the world (from my favorite show The Vampire Diaries)– Mystic Falls!

First things first: It’s in Covington, GA., which is absolutely adorable and only an hour from us! I’m seriously so lucky. I think it would be called fate? Second thing: you can either pay for a tour from the cute little stores around Town Square or you can, like we did, drive all around fangirling in the comfort of your own car.


IMG_5410This was honestly the best place ever. Even though we are in lockdown and the restaurant was closed, we sat outside in the front and took tons of pictures, and we even had my birthday picnic in the Town Square. There is a cute little shop under the Mystic Grill right next to Stab Alley (if you’ve seen the show, you know the one) and when I tell you guys I am now the proud owner of a Mystic Grill tshirt, shot glass, and wine glass, I’m being completely serious!!! The shop is covered wall to wall of ACTUAL clothes Stefan, Damon, Elena, etc. wore throughout the show. There are so many props and real items; it’s a fans DREAM. I proudly wear my tshirt, and Matt Donovan better move over because there’s a new bartender in town.

You can see all the houses!!!! (Except for the Salvatore House…)

u5DnPEtISLWGq0pXDltphAIf you choose to pay for the tour done by the stores in town, you get all exclusive access to the Lockwood Manor; we, however, chose to fangirl in our car driving around the entire town. We even got to drive through the Mystic Falls cemetery and see the Haunted Witches Manor. Of course, people REALLY live in these homes, so I felt weird snapping pics, but couldn’t help myself. The experience was too amazing to NOT capture ever detail. We saw the Lockwood house, Elena’s house, Caroline’s house, and you can even see Gram’s house, the places they had the school dances, and so so so much more. We even got to have this amazing view of the clock tower!!!!! Which, as you all know, is ICONIC in the show. Sadly, the Salvatore house is NOT in the town….. *trying to control my sobbing….*

We saw so many ACTUAL set items!

I can’t leave out all the amazing photos we got of the set items throughout the shops in town!!!

I hope you all plan a trip! It is 100% worth it! ❤


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