Things To Do While Quarantined.

A month away from here feels like a lifetime, but wow have things not escalated at a million miles an hour? Between school being shut down, trips being canceled, everything switching to online, and barely being able to leave the house, I’d say we are in for a big ride the next few months. As much as I’d love to say things will get better soon, I just don’t see it happening. Not until everyone decides to take this serious ya know?

I will be postponing my “Things To Do In Atlanta” until further notice and this pandemic passes. That being said! I thought it was time to get back into the swing of things and hopefully get some content out to keep you guys occupied 🙂 Austin & I have been trying various things to keep ourselves busy and relaxed while being stuck at home! Here is a list of things you can try! I will hopefully be able to put out ideas each week. A little twist on your usual weekend essentials. COVID Essentials? Things To Do While Quarantined? So many possible names haha!

Binge watch Locke & Key.

  • Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Wow Em I’ve been watching Netflix for 15 days now please no more” BUT THIS SHOW IS SO WORTH IT!!! Some people are quarantined alone and some aren’t, but regardless, this is the show to watch right now! I’ll try to keep Netflix recommendations high on the list of things to do! It’s young adult fantasy, suspense, etc. 10/10 recommend.

Wine & Paint Nights.

  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME FOR THIS!!! Make sure to do it at home to practice social distancing! So, Austin and I have had this on our list to try since quarantine started! Order a few canvases, and don’t forget lots of paint. Find a tutorial and a good bottle of wine. This can be so so so so much fun! Even if it’s not with a significant other, you can do this with a bestie or your family!

Go Outside!

  • Going outside this past month I’ve been stuck at home has saved me from completely being depressed. I didn’t think staying at home could be that bad until I physically had nothing else to do because school and our trip to Scotland got canceled. We’ve been doing our home workouts outside, going on runs, LOTS of walking the neighborhood, and we even ordered a hammock off amazon! I’ll be linking all our fun, quarantine items on my shop page this week. Going outside is essential. BUTTTT this doesnt mean stop social distancing!!!! Stay home and relax.

Hopefully each week I can get more things out for you guys to try; Recommendations, fun activities, etc. I’m still trying to get into the groove of writing my thesis from home, so my brain is all over the place. I hope everyone stays so safe and don’t forget to wash your hands while staying away from others!

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