Things To Do In Atlanta: Feb. 21st- 23rd

It’s finally Thursday! It has been raining for what feels like forever, and I don’t think it’s stopping any time soon ): BUT this weekend is the only time the weather should be nice for a week or two!!! It’s almost March, which means our trip to London & Scotland are right around the corner!! I’m so excited. Have you traveled abroad? I definitely need tips! As far as this weekend goes, hopefully we can find a few things to do to take advantage of the weather. Grab your planners and let’s find something to do!

Friday, February 21st

Photo by: IRISpresents.


Believe Music Hall // 181 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW // Atlanta, GA 30312

Everyone knows I love a good IRIS show, so I try to include atleast one each weekend! Doors open at 10pm and this is an 18+ event. If you haven’t been to any show at IRIS, you have to go! The vibe is unmatched. It’s like a festival close to home. Here is their Instagram to see what they’re all about! Tickets are still on sale from $10-$50 depending on whcih ones you buy. CLICK HERE to buy yours!

Saturday, February 22nd

Photo by: ExploreGeorgia.

Southern Beer Tour: Atlanta Brewery Tour

Taco Mac Linbergh // 573 Main St. // Atlanta GA 30324

What better way to spend a Saturday then a brewery tour?! Visit 3 of Atlanta’s top breweries, beginning with Sweetwater– the LARGEST brewery in the south. Next, visit the oldest craft brewery, Red Brick Brewing, and finish off at an all time favorite– Monday Night Brewing! Each ticket includes admission, round trip transportation, a gift bag, and 1 pint (more available for purchase for cheap)! This tour starts at noon and ends at 4:30pm. Buy your tickets HERE!

Sunday, February 23rd

Photo by:


Piedmont Park- The Meadow // 400 Park Drive NE. // Atlanta, GA 30306

Most people know this about me, but if you don’t, I’ve been in recovery for my eating disorder for almost a year now (25lbs gained!!!!!), and NEDA is the closest organization to my heart. NEDA, or National Eating Disorders Association, helps raise awareness for eating disorders. This walk is hoping to raise $20,000 to put towards ending eating disorders! I love love love this so much. The walk starts at 10am, with the opening ceremony at 11am. It’s scheduled to end by noon, and there is still time to register for the walk! Tomorrow is the last day, so buy your tickets fast. CLICK HERE! This cause is so close to my heart. I hope some, if not all, of you participate!

Have a great weekend! ❤


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