Vegan Recipe: Buffalo Chicken w/ Cream Cheese Filling

This recipe is super easy and it has recently become my fav alternative to my original Stuffed Chicken!

All you need is:

Once fillets are thawed, lather them with the Buffalo Sauce and season to liking. Smear cream cheese on the flat side of two fillets. Gently place the fillet with no cream cheese ontop of the other. Grab a regular sized skillet, then place fillets side by side. Flip every few minutes until each side of the fillet is golden brown. Once brown, set your oven to LOW broil, and place fillets on a baking sheet sprinkled with mozzerella cheese. Place in oven on broil until cheese is melted. NOTE: THIS WILL NOT TAKE LONG– KEEP AN EYE ON THEM.

*Note: You can always add a vegetable for a side dish or Amy’s Rice Mac and Cheeze.

AND FINISHED! A delicious meal in about 30 minutes. ENJOY! ❤

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