Glowin20sVoxBox by Influenster Review!

I’ve teamed up with @Influenster to give honest reviews about products! Influenster is an app where you can go review products to help out other people. At first, you review and post your OWN products, then if they choose you, they’ll start sending you boxes with free goodies! I love trying new things and this week I got my very first VoxBox. This box was called “Glowin20sVoxBox” & it was the perf way to kick off the new year. All products are linked in their header.

Disclosure: these products were given to me complimentary for testing purposes.


~ Bliss Bright Idea Moisturizer

I fell in love with this the moment I opened it. NOT ONLY IS IT VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE, but it smells like tangerines and the formula is so smooth. The main ingredients are Vitamin C, Tri-Peptide, and Green Tea Extract; all of these give your skin a plump, dewy, glow. I used it right after I got out the shower on my fresh face. I did wash it before hand, then used a knuckle sized portion, massaging it into my skin! I have combination skin, and this didn’t dry me out OR make my skin oily. It honestly lasted, and I can still feel the effects on my skin. 10/10 recommend!

~ Type A: Deodorant

This formula is not like anything I’ve tried for deodorant. I normally just use the Secret (gel) deodorant in the hardshell packaging, but I received this and deff wanted to mix up my normal routine. This formula is Aluminum free AND cruelty free. A win win situation in my book. I got The Dreamer scent, which is a nice floral/linen smell. I’ve always used this scent with any deodorant. I haven’t had any trouble with residue on my clothes either! I receommend giving this a try if you want an Aluminum free deodorant that keeps the BO away.

~ Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Whipped Shea Butter

One thing about me is I have HORRIBLE eczema on my legs. It got diagnosed around 2016 after the flood happened in Louisiana. Ever since then I’ve had to use unscented soap, lotion, and shave gel (since all of these have direct contact with my legs!). THIS PRODUCT has not given me any problems SO FAR. Still keeping an eye out, but it leaves my skin feeling glowy and not to mention kinda sexy right after shaving my legs (you know the feeling, ladies). I’m deff keeping an eye out, but so far, I love it so much!

~ Tic Tac X-Freeze Wintergreen & Strong Mint

Everyone loves Tic Tacs. That’s definitely not a secret.  I received (2) flavors that happen to be SUGAR FREE. If you follow along on my Instagram, you know I just recently got Invisalign (3 weeks ago), so my teeth have been extremely sore, especially when I eat. These are a smidge hard to chew with how sore my teeth are, but doable with my back teeth. I love both of the flavors so much. Definitely minty, fresh, spearmint vibes.

Hope you loved this! Stay tuned for more! ❤

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