LSU Wins the National Championship Title!

Final: LSU 42 Clemson 25

What a surreal moment. This was my first time seeing us win a National Championship, and I’m sure glad I was able to! What an experience!!!!! I so badly wish we were in New Orleans, no doubt.

I’m not going to lie– I was pretty shook up at the beginning. Everyone seemed so nervous and the plays were just everywhere. I caught myself not breathing during each play. Falling behind 17-7 then LSU bouncing back for a 35-8 run– WE WERE SCREAMING AT THE HOUSE!

Not to mention we NEEDED this. LSU fans across the country NEEDED this win.

This has got to be the greatest LSU team I’ve ever seen. With the weapons we had this season, it’s no wonder we went undefeated!  I’m so glad Austin and I got to go to a few games this year with such an epic season. We woke up saying Geaux Tigahs hahaha. To say LSU fans are going to be celebrating forever is an understatement. I wish I still went to LSU right now, oh my god! That’d be awesome. Class is canceled and everything. Today actually made 5 years since I had my first day on LSU’s campus and that’s a damn good feeling.

I think we all can agree that we BLEED purple & gold. That definitely won’t ever change.

xx. ❤

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