BootayBag Monthly Subscription Review!

Happy Wednesday!

I received an email a few weeks ago to try out BootayBag, the monthly underwear subscription for ladies, and I’m so glad I did! Not only are they super great quality, but how cute is it getting panties delivered to your door each month? They come in a brown zippy bag with “Hello babe: I’m here xo, bootaybag” on the front just to let you know they have definitely arrived. They’re always delivered free too!

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose a plan: 1 pair $9/month ~ 2 pairs $13/month ~ 4 pairs $20/month (4 pairs of surprise panties for $20!!!!)
  • Choose a style for your undies: if you get 1 pair, you can select always thong or never thong! 2 pairs you can choose to mix it up, but 4 pairs is the same style for all!
  • Next, choose a size: they offer XS-XL!
  • Add the featured bralette of the month if you’re feeling fancy! ($10 so deff do it)

Mail time is the best time right? Especially if it includes cute panties at an amazing price. Try these for yourself and let me know how you love them!!!!!

CLICK HERE to visit their website and get your own Bootay Bag!!!

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