Vegan Recipe: Chicken Alfredo.

Happy Saturday!

I made dinner for everyone last night, and it was my first time making vegan chicken alfredo! I’m the only vegan in the house, but luckily Austin and our friends kindly eat my vegan food haha (who wouldn’t if it was free food?)!! This recipe is super easy and I’m so excited I found a Daiya alfredo sauce!

Servings: 4 people.

All you need is:

First, fill a large pot (that can fit your finished pasta) with water, and boil noodles on high. While noodles are boiling, slice up four Quorn Meatless Fillets (4 come in the box), so you can add them later. When the noodles are finished, drain and rinse. Put noodles back in the large pot. Open the two packets of Daiya Alfredo (the boxes come with noodles– I didn’t use the noodles in the box, because I prefer angel hair!) Put desired amount of sauce into your pot of noodles, and stir. Add sliced chicken and continue to stir. Add desired amount of seasoning to taste. Cover pot with lid, and stir occasionally. Once chicken is tender and cooked, remove pot from burner and SERVE!!!! ❤

I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think if you try it! 🙂

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