My Cyber Monday Finds Have Arrived!

Happy Wednesday!

All of my Cyber Monday deals from Amazon arrived yesterday afternoon and I cannot contain my excitement! I posted all of these deals for you to snag for yourself, so hopefully you did! I mostly shopped at Target and Amazon this year. They are deff my favorite places to do my online shopping. Keep reading to see what I thought of everything and the current prices now!

So, I got the Alexa Echo Dot with 2 compatible smart plug ins and a brand new Kindle for all the traveling we do and have planned! I must say, I was skeptical of each just because of the GREAT deal I got on them. I paid around $100 for all of these items combined, which is amazing.

1. Alexa Echo Dot w/ 2 smart plug ins:

You guys, I have fallen IN LOVE with my new Alexa. It makes me feel like I’m in that Disney movie, you know the one… Smart House, and I can ask her to do anything especially with the smart plugs. I connected the 2 smart plug ins to our Christmas tree and lights. So, now I can just say “Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree” and BOOM! It’s on with all its magical holiday glory haha! It’s so cool. Of course, the first thing I had her do was “Play music by San Holo” just to make sure she was a good one. I connected her to my iPhone using an app, which gives her access to my music, calendar, etc. She even tells me the weather and I’ve been making her tell me jokes, too (yikes). She is pretty much an amped up Siri that doesn’t just work 2/5 times you say “Hey Siri” let’s be honest.

I bought this on Cyber Monday (device and add ons) for $55!!! It is marked down from $55 to $25 on Amazon, so you still have a chance to get one. I added an extra smart plug in, to have 2 total, but I’ll deff be buying more. Add this device to your home asap or give it as a gift!

2. Kindle with Built in Front Light (Black)

Not only are we traveling 24/7 and bringing one paperback or hardcover book gets really hectic, but I’m also a huge book lover in general. You can imagine how excited I was to see the Kindle on sale for Cyber Monday! It fits perfectly in my hands, and the screen resolution is a lot better than I imagined. It has a cute black and white screen resembling a book. It came with a charger and a how-to book. I connected it with my Amazon account to purchase books directly from the Kindle. It also hooks up to Wifi, which makes this possible. I even received a $5 Kindle credit with my purchase, and you can find books for under a dollar if you look deep!

During Cyber Monday I purchased this for $59. It is currently marked down from $89 to $69! So you can still get a mega good deal on this device! It would be the perfect Christmas present for any book lover in your life.

Pictured: Amazon leggings & tee

I did purchase a super cute outfit that I mentioned in Are You Ready for Cyber Monday?!, which was the leopard shirt and the workout leggings! I received both and I LOVE them. The shirt is so soft and the leggings HAVE POCKETS! Both the items are linked below 🙂 As far as the Target outfits go, I have both pairs of jeans pictured below with the white shirt being 1 of 5 colors I bought in this style!

<- Top: $13.99 CLICK HERE.

<- Leggings: $19.98 CLICK HERE.

I have fallen completely in love with these jeans and they were only $14 during Cyber Monday. Sadly, the destressed, denim jeans are no longer available, but the black pair is available for $20! Still an awesome price for jeans. You can purchase them here.  The relaxed v-necks are my favorite shirts to wear. I bought the style in white, navy, black, maroon, and beige. These were on sale for $5, but you can purchase them now for $8, which is a great savings too! Purchase them here and see the color options.

I hope you all can snag some great deals for the Holidays! Don’t forget, most places, including Amazon, do 12 days of Christmas sales where you can get mega big mark downs! There are also only 4 days left on Amazon to get your gifts by Christmas Eve, so shop fast!

xx. ❤

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