Our New Home: Holiday Edition Lookbook.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

It’s always been tradition for me to put my tree up the night before Thanksgiving. It just makes Thanksgiving morning feel the best. So, Austin and I went this afternoon and got so much cute stuff for the new house. I’m so excited. I just finished all of it and the house feels PERFECT. I took some pictures for you guys to see 🙂 I shockingly got everything from Walmart! They have such cute stuff this year for decorations. We also bought a 9-foot Christmas tree and do you know how hard it is to fluff a 9-foot tree? Kind of hard 🙂 But so worth it, because it’s beautiful. ❤

Austin’s family is spending Thanksgiving with us, so get ready for a long Vegan Thanksgiving recipe list! We are making so much vegan food; I’m so excited. Then on Saturday we are driving to my family’s house to spend a few days with them. It’s definitely going to be a great weekend.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful home all ready for the holidays! ❤

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