Our Wedding Prep Has Begun.

Goodmorning! Happy Tuesday 🙂

Tuesdays are the start of my week since Austin and I have Mondays off work together (which definitely makes me a lover of Mondays). It’s always the day we either run around constantly doing errands or relax on the couch all day. Yesterday was definitely a running around doing errands Monday for sure. We’ve been in the process of moving stuff from Atlanta to the new house (thankfully almost done), and yesterday we went to the Orthodontist!

We got the ball rolling on invisalign ahh! 🙂 I don’t think anyone knows how long I’ve wanted my teeth fixed and now I definitely want it done since I’m getting married!!!!! I’ll start them in January and if things stay on track, I’ll be right at the end of treatment when it’s time for the wedding ❤ !!!!! Pretty teeth just in time for our big day 🙂

I also got a mega cool teeth whitening kit when we got the invisalign plan set up, so I started that last night. It’s super cool and makes me even more excited for them to get made! Austin took before pictures so I’ll post before and afters when I finish the kit.

Oh my gosh, how did I forget! Austin and I went to Extreme Midget Wrestling on Friday with our friends and WOW. Epic. So freaking awesome. We were ring side, super close and it was in a bar. Sooooooo much fun!

On a different note– I’ve added a good bit of new pages here over the past week!!! Everything is now organized so much better and more aesthetically pleasing haha. Hopefully when I get the hand of grad school (eventually… maybe haha) I’ll get set up on a more exact posting schedule.

For now, I 100% post on Tuesdays to begin the week and Thursdays to highlight the weekend in Weekend Essentials 🙂 So, make sure and look at those. Vegan, Festivals, Funky Stuff, and Wedding Inspo all will get updated when things come to mind and then eventually on a more set schedule. Each page also has when things post as well if there’s a schedule!

Have a great day!!!!

talk soon ❤



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