Better Late Than Never? Deployment, Moving, and Life.

Hi babies!

It’s me… after a long 2 months away. During the past 2 months, Austin came home (THANK GOD!) from deployment, I got a new job, and I think I’m adjusting to my life in Atlanta pretty freaking well for someone who up and moved once again in May. Now that I’m settled, I am going to get back into my routine of writing here and staying intouch with who I am…. a writer of course. Life has just been so busy.

Austin and I have been making up for lost time– spoiling ourselves with no longer being a plane ride away and instead a short hour and a half drive between us. Taking vacations, being lazy, and really just living our best lives. We go to Baltimore next month, which will be a super fun trip to blog about.

My new job is probably the best job I’ve ever had. It’s at Top Golf if you keep up with anything on my social media accounts. If you haven’t been GO NOW! Seriously. It’s so fun. They just opened one in Baton Rouge not too long ago so all my babies back home, deff go see what it’s about. Not gonna lie– I might kinda sorta be getting good at golf. MAYBE. It’s still up for debate. I’ve made so many new friends and it honestly makes Atlanta feel even more like home.

Like I said before, I knew Atlanta felt like home the first time I came here in January, but now it’s just so much better. Life is easier. Flowing, I guess you could say. Finding my own routine. Mixing my routine with Austins, and balancing work. I’m making the most of everything and it feels so good.

School is also right around the corner, which means ya girl will be on her way to receive her Master’s degree. Weird. Still strange to tell people I have a degree in English Lit– can’t imagine being able to say I have a Master’s. The semester will be overloaded with classes, thesis research, assistantships, while fitting in my job and time with Austin. I’m craving to be back in school. Is that weird? I’m not sure. If I could just be a professional student and get a ton of degrees I probably would. Kinda like how vampires in TV shows periodically go to different schools and graduate and then move to another one, haha! That’d be ideal. The vampirism and the schooling I guess.

This is just an update on how life has been. I guess to conclude it’s been pretty freaking great. Per usual, here are some pictures of things that have made me happy since the last time I wrote in May.

xoxo ❤


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