Missing This.

God, I’m getting awful at keeping up with this but I’m honestly just loving my life right now.

As a writer, I’ve always liked documenting everything that happens especially in my life. Of course I still love doing that, but it’s so beautiful to just… live sometimes without all the responsibility of documenting it. I like keeping memories in writing most, and obv pictures, but boy has it been nice just existing lately.

I transferred to my new job here and I’ve been working pretty hard to save up some money again. I don’t know how expensive people think moving is, but for someone like me who does it a lot– let me confirm it’s sickening expensive haha.

The other part of moving I don’t think people take into account is just how lonely it is the first few weeks. Moving is definitely exhilarating, spontaneous, and you should do it every chance you get. But it’s also draining. It’s physically draining. Emotionally draining. I think that’s the part that gets overlooked and hidden by the glamours of traveling.

Austin isn’t home yet, so I’ve been adjusting all on my own. Learning where things are and the cute places to go. Having to find my fav walmart and somewhere to do laundry. Binging Netflix after work each night because I don’t know anywhere to go yet lol. deciding where I can look homeless comfortably. It’s an adventure for sure.

Speaking of Austin, obviously he’s been deployed for some time BUT HE COMES HOME THIS WEEK!!!!!! I’ve never been so happy in my life. Austin is the definition of love– simple as that. I want to just scream thinking about the fact he’ll be home from this way too long trip. We are taking a mini vacay when he gets back, so that blog will be mega cute and fun.

Other than that, I’m just kinda here. Working. Adjusting. Having FaceTime dates with Austin & trying different Thai food places to see if any can compare with Thai Lanna in Houston (none have yet). I love it here. Georgia felt like home the first time I drove through Atlanta with Austin. Sometimes you just know, ya know?

xoxo 🖤

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