Atlanta Travel Diary // Shaky Beats Festival.

It’s been 2 very long months since I’ve posted and uh all I can say is I MOVED TO ATLANTA! i know, big surprises. I’m gonna skip over all the “recapping” of the past two months and just say that it’s been crazy. Absolutely crazy. I really moved again, lol.

I’m starting my Master’s at Georgia State this August so, moved out here just in time to get settled in before Austin comes home– have an epic summer with him and our friends, and then pick back up with school. Atlanta is perfect. I spent the weekend at Shaky Beats and made like the best friends ever. Mega happy Austin got me tickets for my birthday. Oh, I also turned 23 last Friday, hi hello I’m getting old.

This is going to be super short, because I still have unpacking, and exploring, and pretty much just a lot of living to do. I’ll fill it with pictures and hopefully not take 2 months to write again.

love you guys. xoxo.

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