Post-Graduate Depression.

Oh hi!

It’s been a whole month since I’ve posted and honestly I have no other excuse but LIFE. Has anyone else been in a major funk lately? Just me? Interesting. Maybe the moon is doing something weird– any astrology babies out there that can answer this for us?

The biggest thing right now has got to be that hard hitting feeling of Post Graduate Depression– yes, that feeling of being done with school and not really knowing what to do with yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I have tons of plans and want all kinds of things, but you ever just….. feel…. T I R E D? Like physically and mentally, ya know? Your brain just wants to rest. I think that’s me right now. & not to mention the curveballs I’m being thrown when it comes to grad school.

Trying to get back to my old self– writing, working, living life. Everyone loses direction every now and then. You get thrown too many curve balls and you start accepting the fact you’re getting striked out of the game. It gets mega hard to see that path you have drawn out for yourself.

Of course, every path can change and nothing is set in stone (these are the guiding words of my mom the last few weeks, so they must be true… because she’s my mom), but I keep telling myself to push forward and everything will fall into place the way it’s meant to.

Apart from my self-induced funky mood– if you keep up with social media you’d know I got featured by VoyageHouston, which honestly comes very close to my current career highlight of interviewing Lauren Daigle. Houston is opening so many doors for me. I feel crazy for being in a funk, but it happens.

Messages Image(41933576)

There’s many more things in the works, but those are a secret until further notice. I think if I just push myself hard enough I’ll get back to my old self. Between having the flu, Austin leaving for work, and traveling back and forth to ATL (more PTD no doubt), I’ve just been experiencing so much of life! Maybe a well needed rest day is in order… that will consist of writing articles and possibly eating cookies and cream ice cream (vegan of course) while binge watching SAO.

Kind of a life update– kind of just needed to vent. Best of both worlds here on my blog.

love you guys. xoxo.



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