Spending Weekends in Atlanta.

Hello babies. It’s Monday, which means a new week is starting. I thought I was ready, but the PTD (Post-Travel Depression) is hitting hard since I got back from the weekend in Georgia with my boyfriend.

Between bar-hopping, art museums, coffee downtown, hiking, riding scooters through the Botanical Gardens, and meeting new people, adjusting to my work life back in Houston is becoming more difficult than I expected. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Did you know PTD even existed? Supposedly it takes 3+ days to not feel so down about being back home, but we’ll see.

My daily routine of magazine work in the morning and waiting tables at night began bright and early this morning which hopefully will help me get back into the swing of things.

Other than that, the weekend was absolutely amazing. Living 12 hours away from Austin is definitely killer. Facetime dates and phone calls are a total norm. Ever watched a movie over Facetime? 10/10 would recommend. It’s worth it though. ❤

We went hiking at Providence Canyon which was BEAUTIFUL. 7 miles was a bit excessive though… my legs did not like me afterwards haha. We went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and I’ve never seen so many amazing pieces.

Here’s some pictures to add this amazing part of my life to my little blog. The best place to keep my memories of course.

Patiently counting down the days until I can go back, but until then– Houston it is.


xoxo. ❤

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