Read. Write. Edit. Repeat.

img_1244.jpgSo, today was my first day at my new job with Houstonia Magazine and I don’t think it could be more perfect. Let’s just jump right into it! (Click the link to visit their website) Or here is a link to their Instagram!

First: If you’d like to Subscribe to the magazine and receive it monthly (which you can do from anywhere!) this is the link to do it! CLICK ME. You can receive 12 issues, 24 issues, or 36 issues. They get mailed directly to your house each month! You guys gotta do it so you can see what it’s all about over here.

As you all know, I moved to Houston specifically for this opportunity. Writing is my passion, obvi, and traveling is too. This was the perfect fit. I work with 3 other interns for the Editorial side of the magazine. And let me just say, these people are the most amazing individuals I’ve ever met in my life. They are driven, passionate, creative minded people, which is going to make this experience even more rewarding. There’s so much I can learn from each one of them.

The magazine comes out monthly, and formatted similar to DIG, it’s just bigger. It’s gotta be, right? This is Houston we are talking about. My boss, the Editor-In-Chief, is an absolute angel. It’s all around the ideal work environment. Our office is located inside an actual house within The Heights. If you aren’t familiar with this area of Houston, it’s just about as funky and cute as it gets for a location.

Most of my work will consist of editing the articles within the magazine before it gets sent to print and pitching ideas to the head writers/editors on the team. There are so many opportunities within this job that I can’t even focus on just one. I’m making it a goal to publish as much as possible in my 6 months here. Let’s hope for a success rate like I had with DIG Magazine!!!!

Today consisted of orientation, going over the job duties, and everyday tasks followed by lunch at Pi Pizza which was delishhhh. Working for a magazine is the best, not only because I’m doing what I love most by writing and editing everyday, but also because I get to experience aspects of the city I probably never would have if I wasn’t in this line of work. I get to meet tons of new amazing people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s such a gratifying feeling.

Tomorrow we will put the last few touches on things and I’ll have my first real day of learning the ropes. I hope all of you choose to subscribe to the magazine so you can follow my journey the closest way possible. I’m so excited to see all of the things I accomplish from this.

Every single day I fall more in love with living. Isn’t that crazy? 2019 is going to be awesome.

xoxo. ❤

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