Houston Travel Diary.

We did it. We made it to 2019. How does it feel? Have any plans? Any goals?

So, 2018 was single-handedly the best year of my life. I’m not sure how I’ll top everything I did, but I’ve got a few ideas that you will all watch unfold gradually. Make this year epic. If you’re struggling with something, battle it. If you are lost, spend time finding yourself. Strive to be more. Become the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

I’ve been in Houston for 2 and a half weeks today and it seemed fitting to do my first blog post since being here. I can say that my life has been brighter ever since I got here. There’s something about moving to a new place where nobody knows you that is exhilarating. I can be whoever I want to be. It’s a weird feeling.

Of course, I get lost going to the grocery and the freeway has never intimidated me more in my life, but hey, adventures are never easy. I’ve already successfully went to my local Walmart looking homeless and bought wine from a corner store, so you could say things are starting to feel like home haha. I’ll post pictures at the end of this, but I obviously have to get the talking out-of-the-way.

I’ve got my apartment completely set up…… and have since my second day here because I’m crazy. You guys, its honestly my dream apartment. I see the city skyline every time I drive away from my house. I have a whole wall dedicated to shoes (let’s face it, that makes it all worth while). My neighbors are nice. I get up in the morning and open my windows and drink my coffee. It’s the most at peace I’ve ever been.

Going Downtown is the most fun. Everything is so beautiful there, gosh especially during the holidays. I picked the perfect time to move to Houston. There are lights everywhere and huge Christmas trees and the neighborhoods you can drive through to see lights are absolutely insane.

More exciting news is that my Blog, my little bean of a website, turns 1 whole year old tomorrow on January 3rd. A whole year. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve been doing this for that long. I remember my first post, I Was Feeling Epic., and I think back to how nervous I was to open up to the world in a way I’ve never done before. The response I get on each post just reiterates the feeling that I’m touching more lives than I ever thought was possible. As you all know, I got the title of my first Blog post tattooed on me while in New York. So, I guess you could say this little project of mine means the world to me. I’m so thankful for everyone who supports it.

NOWWWWW, the fun part. Pictures. ❤


I start my magazine job next week, so of course I’ll post about that as soon as I’m done with my first day.

xoxo. ❤

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