What Consumes You?

Emotions are the core of what make us truly human. Every time we feel something, whether it’s deeply or for a brief moment, we are reminded that we are living.

We are reminded that we are still breathing.

Grief. Depression. Anxiety. Happiness. Love. Anger. Envy. Fear. We feel things every second of every single day.

Emotions weigh heavy. They can hold us back. They can close us off. They can push people away. They cause us to hurt the people we love. They cause us to do things we’d never do when thinking rationally.

They consume us.

We often seek to find someone in our life to help hold the weight of these emotions and vice versa. We turn to someone else to consume. Emotions are claustrophobic having to hold on your own. It makes it hard to breathe.

Hard to go on each day.

So someone to carry the weight with you is ideal. Right?

But what happens when you have to consume all of these feelings alone? You become exhausted. You become unmotivated. You feel trapped. Alone. We lose track of how to rely on ourselves.

We lose track of how to confide in the one person who is always going to be there: ourselves. We are our biggest fan and our biggest enemy. We can pick ourselves up and tear ourselves down just as quick.

So you find an outlet. A personal outlet. Something that allows you to feel everything all on your own.

Something that consumes you so powerfully that everything else in your life comes pouring out.

Some people workout. Some people draw. Some people play music. Some sing. Others drive.

Mine is writing. Writing allows me to feel everything so deeply. It allows me to share the deepest, most personal aspects of my life in a way that feels relieving. It feels refreshing. It allows me to turn all the emotions I’m consumed with into something beautiful.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you do when you can’t breathe? When you’re so consumed by your own thoughts you can’t function? What makes you feel whole? Is it a person? It is art? Is it creative or physical?

What do you find comfort in? Even for a split second.

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